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Our Australian terrier

European Junior Winner-2008
Rus.CH, Hungarian Junior Champion,
Russian Junior Champion, Hungarian terrier Club Winner

ow. Markus Wallden & Saija Reinamn-Wallden

In July 2009 Thomas moved to kennel "Jaskarin", Sweden

22 months, photo: Marcus Wallden

15 months, photo by Reedly Road

In March 2008 a wonderful representative of a rear breed settled at our place  - it's an AUSTRALIAN TERRIER. To have a terrier - that's a new wrinkle for us! But we were lucky: our first dog of a new breed is of outstanding quality. Thomas comes from the leading European kennel "Jaskarin" (breeders: Saja & Markus Wallden). Thomas didn't make much efforts to steal a way into our hearts: we adore this boy and can't imagine how we could live without our little brownie :)

13 months, photo by E.Alanaen

It's not very often when we show our Thomas: in 2008 he took part in World winner show in Sweden (ex3 among 9 dogs in the class) and in EuroWinner show in Hungary (Best Junior among 7 competitors). He also won BOB at the terrier specialty in EuroWinner circuit. At present Thoams is the only show terrier in Russia, so all the titles are rather easy to gain, but our Henrik is also successful at the Group finals where the competition is always tough in this country: almost all the times our Henrik is placed in the terrier group. we are very proud of him.

At home Thomas is the best friend of Harry and his inseparable companion (initiator?) in monkeyshines.  And at the same time Thomas is an extremely obedient, devoted and loving dog. We are amazed by his temperament, intelligence and sense of humor. Out Thomas is a true sunny dog!

Our big thank to Saja and Markus Wallden for this wonderful dog!

9 months

Our special thank you to our dear friend and Thomas' handler Marc Linner for his help and contribution in... in everything :)))


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