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Junior EuroWinner
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Reedly Road Imperial "Seva"

(CH Reedly Road Desperado х CH Siphra's Charisma to RR)
 male, р.04.06.2011 owner: Natalia Tsybenko


CH Reedly Road Desperado CH Farao Anubis Ramses CH Kbir Ramses El Kabul
CH Enigma Shining Hickory
CH Farao Anubis Fariba on Reedly Road Lileo's Orpheus of Serafin
CH Siphra's Charisma to RR CH Anubis Horus of Ghazzi Isis CH Shema’s Ghazzi Khan
Anubis Isis of Dazzling Sun
CH Magicway's Min for Siphra CH Siphra's Summernight City
Chefren Min Mut

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