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Russian Jr Champion
Junior Helsinki Winner'2013
Junior Nordic Winner'2013

Antefa's Wadjet on Reedly Road "Vickey"

(CH Hallam's Jake of Arolet х CH Chassellis Dehra Ta'Ziffa)
 bitch, 14/03/2013

5 months

2,5 months



CH Hallam's Jake of Arolet CH Antefa's Pharaoh CH Antefa's Jabbah-Kaa
CH Antefa's L'Odeah
CH Hallam's Essence of Violet CH Farao Anubis Ramses
CH Kamaraj Qena-Saqqara
CH Chassellis Dehra Ta'Ziffa CH Northgate's As You Like It CH Antefa's Pharaoh
CH Siphra's Sentimental Lady
CH Tal-Wardija B-Ziffa Helwa Ta-Malta Jackie
Patsy-Safra Tal-Wardija

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